Information for Patient requiring special examinations

MIG is a group of medical imaging clinics with expertise in digital & teleradiologic technologies. MIG is also part of MedicoAsia.  In the Central district of Hong Kong, two medical imaging clinics constitute the core of the group. They are healthscan & CR Medical Imaging Center. In association with other radiologic facilities in Causeway Bay, MIG offers a full range of outpatient medical diagnostic imaging services. The MIG clinics have high speed broadband connectivity, common patients (CIS-Clinics Information System) & images management programs (PACS-Picture Archive Communications System), & digital imaging equipment. The imaging services include MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), multislice CT (Computed Tomography), CR (Computed Radiography), DR (Direct Radiography), CR Panoramic Tomography, CR Cephalometry, & CR TMJ Imaging, DEXA body bone densitometry, CR Mammography, US (Ultrasound), & CR Fluoroscopic studies. All these services are operated by qualified technologists, under supervision by qualified specialist radiologist(s). Also, MIG provides teleradiology services for several clinics in China and Macau. In Shanghai, AMIC clinic provides imaging studies for migrant candidates to Australia.
MIG through CR Medical Imaging Center also digital radiologic services to the AustralianNew Zealand authority. Digital chest radiographs and the associated reports are transmitted to Australia via high speed broadband, for speedier visa approval.

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