Information for Patient requiring special examinations

>>Computed Tomography ( CT )


CT is an examination where x-ray is used to visualize the body in thin slice. The result is that the body’s interior will be displayed in detail. This examination involves putting the patient on a table, that will move into a donut shaped equipment (gantry). Only a small fraction of the examination time is used to acquire images. The majority of the examination time is used to instruct & ready the equipment for your examination. It is only during the acquisition portion of the examination that you need to keep still. You can relax during the rest of the examination. Our staff will tell you when is the acquistion portion of the examination. You will also notice the table moves & a light on the gantry will brighten during the acquistion portion of the examination.

At times, your doctor or the radiologist, will recommend a contrast examination. This is usually done after the non-contrast study. With the contrast study, a dye (contrast) will be injected into one of your veins (usually on the back of your hand). This contrast contains iodine. Iodine is a substance that can cause allergy. Allergy can induce a variety of reactions in an allergic person. These individuals usually, but not necessarily, have history of allergy against shell fish, or drugs. If you have any of these allergic history, please tell our staff. Unfortunately, not all patients with iodine allergy have pre-existing history of allergy. Fortunately, the contrasts we use are new generation of contrast. These contrast should have less allergic potential.

During the injection of contrast, you may feel a warm sensation coming up your arm. This is due to the injection of a warmed contrast. Then, you may feel a warm sensation in the rest of you body. This is a normal reaction. Later, you may have a fishy taste at the back of your mouth. This is also a normal reaction.

If you are uncomfortable during the examination, for any reason, please alert our staff.


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